The Dogs for Defense K-9 Handler

“The Approachable Professional”


The Gurkha soldier from Nepal is known around the world as one of the bravest protectors, but they are also known for their smile.  This is what Dogs for Defense tries to capture in its handlers as the definition of the “approachable professional”. For example, the handler may be a large man with a K-9 by their side, but the handler will also be approachable. Dogs for Defense wants the public to feel as if they need not hesitate to approach the handler, but instead will feel comfortable asking questions about the dog, or about the facility or venue, or even asking where the bathrooms are located.


Dogs for Defense understands that the client has clients/customers, too. Dogs for Defense K-9 Teams are often patrolling the parking lot or in front of the main gate, therefore are often the first interaction a guest may have when arriving at a client’s location. The Dogs for Defense K-9 team will be easily identified, they will be courteous, pleasant and be able to answer questions or direct the guest to the answer. The handlers will go out of their way to ensure the impact on the guests is minimum. The handler will adhere to the customer’s employee culture and even pick up trash when needed.

The Dogs for Defense handler will have extensive experience working with detection canines. Most of the Dogs for Defense handlers have more than 15 years of experience behind the leash.  They have all graduated from a law enforcement or military K-9 training academy and have at least 3 years of experience prior to coming to Dogs for Defense.  The explosive detection handlers have behavior detection skills enabling them to put the K-9 in the best location for success.

Dogs for Defense is proud to be an employer of veterans and law enforcement professionals.

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