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WWII Dogs for Defense

WWII Dogs for Defense

The best way to pay tribute to the WWII Dogs for Defense was to incorporate some design elements from the original organization’s logos used during WWII. Dan Hughes had a vision of what he wanted the logo to look like. He began working with artist and graphic designer, Don Ristow of Ristow Design Studio, and the new Dogs for Defense logo was created. Front and center you will find K-9 Oakley taking a pose translated from a photograph of K-9 Oakley in front of the North Dakota State Capital building. The red bandana Oakley wears has become a trademark of the Dogs for Defense K-9. The ring with Dogs for Defense text harkens back to the WWII Dogs for Defense organization. The shield that K-9 Oakley stands on resembles the shield in the center of a US Secret Service Star, paying tribute to the company’s origin story. The 7 stars were chosen because it is a special number to Dan and Kristin Hughes, while the 5 stripes represent the number of children they have.