Conservation & Wildlife

Utilizing canines’ incredible noses to locate unique substances is nothing new. For centuries trained canines have been utilized to locate what we seek.  What is a burgeoning is the science behind the canines’ abilities. By pairing trained professionals with trained K-9s, the avenues of conservation and wildlife protection have leapt forward.


Dogs for Defense has been fortunate to be at the forefront of a number of these avenues. Our trainers have helped develop some of the first zebra and quagga mussel detection canines for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  The fight against invasive species doesn’t end with Zebra mussels but extends into every facet, from invasive plants, invasive animals and invasive insects. Dogs for Defense can take one of our trained detection canines and add the new target odor and provide an experienced team capable of locating invasive species in a short amount of time.

This field of conservation K-9 teams and wildlife detection often lends itself to utilizing a target odor that itself is sensitive and may require permits. Dogs for Defense has obtained all kinds of government permits over the years and has established protocols to ensure that our training aids are accounted for and protected against contamination.

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Whether it is a developing a completely new program to locate an endangered species scat in a sensitive environment or providing a demonstration to school children, Dogs for Defense has the experienced professional K-9 teams to do the job.

Conservation canines and anti-poaching K-9 teams are classified differently, yet the job of the K-9 is very similar.

The Dogs for Defense conservation K-9 teams may be utilized to locate the shed from an endangered snake or the scat from a threatened rodent.  The conservation K-9 will often be conducted under the umbrella of a scientific study or survey. Dogs for Defense prides itself in taking proven search methodology and applying that to the scientific survey utilizing knowledge from the experienced K-9 handler and partnering it with the scientific expert.

The anti-poaching K-9 teams can take many forms, from the Natural Resources law enforcement officer in the United States locating concealed fish, to the heavily armed soldier in Africa tracking known violent elephant poachers. Dogs for Defense provides a K-9 solution to every aspect of the field.  Dogs for Defense has proven capabilities to be able to train for any target odor and provide K-9 teams capable of tracking in the thickest North American forest or through the deserts of Africa. Dogs for Defense can provide the capable K-9 teams, or train the teams, necessary to protect and conserve world’s wildlife.


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