Unique Detection Solutions

Dogs for Defense embraces challenge, everyday there are new ways to utilize the incredible olfactory capabilities of the canine to locate what is difficult to find.  Over the last decade Dogs for Defense has seen canines utilized to locate cancer, find rhinoceros horns and identify gas leaks under concrete.


The ability to create new pathways, utilizing the years of experience working with K-9s on the battlefield and the streets, and transform that into understanding new ventures for the K-9 is what Dogs for Defense finds invigorating.

Dogs for Defense has had the opportunity to be early pioneers in several new and unique detection capabilities, some are now commonplace, and some are still not publicly discussed. Dogs for Defense has utilized and/or trained canines to locate invasive species, pests and insects, fluids, gases and countless other odors.


In every field that Dogs for Defense operates there are new odors, a new drug, a new explosive, another invasive species or another type of scat to locate, but be assured, Dogs for Defense has several unique avenues that have yet to be explored.

If you find yourself with a substance or item that you think a dog’s nose can find, please contact Dogs for Defense. Dogs for Defense looks forward to developing a solution to your needs. The canine’s abilities are endless.

To inquire about your unique K-9 needs, contact us