The Dogs for Defense uniform is the culmination of many years in the field and has evolved to provide what Dogs for Defense believes to be the best K-9 uniform in the industry.

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As a member of the Technical Security Division of the USSS, Dan Hughes would often be required to name the dress code for the military K-9 handlers to wear while supporting the US Secret Service because they were not allowed to where their military uniform, but members of the military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams did have the option to wear an all grey version of the Battle Dress Uniform or BDU.  What Dan quickly noticed is that wearing a suit and tie had a negative effect on performance. The dress casual attire was wide open for interpretation, and often by the end of the day looked disheveled. However, the EOD teams, in their grey BDUs, worked hard and ended the day looking the same as when they had started.

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A couple of things came into play when developing the Dogs for Defense K-9 Team’s uniform. First, a 1980’s study out of California stated that dark colored uniforms could play a part in reducing the incident of officer involved shootings, because dark uniforms are recognized around the world for security and law enforcement.  Second, no matter how well a tucked in shirt fits, by the end of day, it will untuck. The Dogs for Defense vest solves this, whether in black or reflective. K-9 trainers have long been wearing vests and it was quick to see the benefits.

Identification as a K-9 handler has become an important component to the uniform. As the numbers of service dogs, therapy dogs and pets increase at the places Dogs for Defense K-9 Teams work, it has been found to be crucial for the K-9 Teams to be quickly identified as the approachable professional.