Explosive Detection

Dogs for Defense provides the highest quality canine services with some of the most experienced handlers in the industry. Dogs for Defense’s professionalism shines through with their “approachable professional” philosophy, unique uniforms and their social K-9’s that wear the red bandana. Everything Dogs for Defense does is with purpose and it shows.


Dogs for Defense prides itself on experience with the majority of Dogs for Defense K-9 handlers having over 15 years of detection dog handling. All the explosive detection handlers are prior law enforcement or military professionals and have all graduated from recognized police or military K-9 training academies, in addition to undergoing the Dogs for Defense vetting.  Experience comes with a cost, Dogs for Defense prides itself in having some of the highest paid handlers in the industry. This leads to longevity in the position giving greater continuity between the handler and their K-9 partner producing a cohesive team that resembles a family.


Dan Hughes, CEO, designed Dogs for Defense with experience as both the USER of K-9 teams and the PROVIDER of K-9 teams. Dan’s experience as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, supervising and coordinating over 70 K-9 teams for sweeps for National Special Security Events and his years as a K-9 handler, himself, Dan has been able to better understand the needs of the K-9 team end user. Dogs for Defense is a company capable of providing the customer with elite K-9 teams designed and calibrated from decades of first-hand experience.  

Providing the government customer with superior explosive detection capabilities has a been at the core of Dogs for Defense. From the early beginnings on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, to providing predeployment training to America’s warfighter, Dogs for Defense takes great pride in its work and is committed to excellence.

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For the corporate customer Dogs for Defense has pioneered the “approachable professional” philosophy. It is this approachable professional that will greet your customers with a smile, answer simple questions and even pick up litter. But at the heart of this professional know that you are getting one of the most qualified explosive detection K-9 teams in the country with unmatched experience and training.  Dogs for Defense K-9s can work around people and noise without distraction. This ability allows for work to continue without an “all stop”, a common practice in explosive detection searches. Dogs for Defense K-9s can work in large crowds of people and are safe to interact with the public, this is done by utilizing only single purpose detection canines, with no cross training in bite or apprehension work. Dogs for Defense has proven this repeatedly by working in major shopping malls and amusement parks across the country.

Dogs for Defense is one of just a handful of companies approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct Third Party Canine Cargo certifications. The process to be approved as a 3PK9-C certifier was a thorough one. Dogs for Defense had to demonstrate its extensive knowledge in the field of explosive detection canines prior to being granted the ability to conduct certifications on behalf of the TSA, further cementing Dogs for Defense as a leader in the explosive detection industry.

Dogs for Defense holds a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Explosive Permit, often called a FEL, permitting Dogs for Defense to utilize actual explosives in the training and certifying of K-9 teams.

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