The Dogs for Defense K-9s


 A large part of why Dogs for Defense is in this business is because of their love for dogs, and more importantly their love of working with dogs. It is this passion that has led Dogs for Defense to the trademarked “Dog First” philosophy. The philosophy is simple, a better cared for dog, is a better performing dog. Dogs for Defense will always strive to provide the best for their dogs. The K-9’s live with their handler and it is our goal that when they retire they will stay in that home as a pet.

Dogs for Defense K-9s are trained to the highest standards by some of the world’s best trainers. The K-9s are partnered with experienced handlers and undergo continuous training throughout their working years. All Dogs for Defense K-9 teams are independently certified annually. Teams are certified by the US Army, the National Police Canine Association or other outside organizations depending on their contract requirements and specialty.

Please visit the K-9 Memorial Page to learn about the special Dogs for Defense K-9s that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You will also find a special tribute to K-9 Adak, the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Winner in the Military Category.

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